November 20, 2023
In collaboration with Laurence Gao and Grayson Ticer
Steamed Trout with Leek bow, fried tofu Mahjong tiles, bow-shaped scallion pancakes, okra Kimbap, flower onigiri, radish and pan can salad, and Hong Kong style egg tarts
JaG (In Collaboration with Graana Khan) 
Ricky Good Bai Party 
March 2023

Christmas 2023
Caviar board with green deviled eggs made with arugula pesto, tuna crudo with purple radishes, Mackerel roll, and peppermint chocolate loaf
Reimagining food as textiles to celebrate the sweater weather 
October 2023
Hosted by JAG

Dinner included crocheted rustic bread, French carrot salad in a bow, root vegetable soup with radish green pesto, jewelries made of gem stone corn as beads, pomegranate-jeweled black tea infused cake with persimmon jam 

We also made napkins for each guest, hand dyed with persimmon dye and embroidered with guests’ initials. Embroidered poster and menu on vintage linen. Finally, handmade crochet-hook butter knife. 

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