Jennifer Shin is an artist and maker based in Seoul and Pittsburgh. Mainly working with paper, food, and handicrafts, she explores the themes of home, memory, and ephemera through translations of found objects. She transforms ephemeral objects- whether to-do lists or food items- into sculptures that transcend their transient nature. Her time-consuming and laborious process of repetitive handcraft is a futile attempt at holding onto the values of these objects. 

Extending her artistic practice to food, Jennifer creates edible installations and dining experiences that allow her audience to engage with food in a multi-sensory way. Her dinner parties include food that is laboriously crafted, often playing with forms and colors of seasonal produce. Playing with food that is inherently useful and inevitably ephemeral, she explores ways to expand the transient dining experience to a more meaningful conversations. 

She is received her Bachelors in Fine Arts with Minor in Soft Technologies and Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University in 2024. 

Commissions open for food styling, menu development, and consulting.
For inquiries, please email