do you remember opening reception

03.29.24 The Frame Gallery
with Grayson Ticer and Laurence Gao

The show is a three-person exhibition featuring three CMU School of Art seniors, Laurence Gao, Grayson Ticer, and Jennifer Shin, whose practices are united through the use of family photographs and the exploration of how memories can be transmuted through different media. Through a series of paintings, drawings, video, and edible installations, the artists seek for an alternative way of remembering, as compiling, combining, and transforming reference images prompts the artists to critically examine the connections and influences of familial memory in relation to the self.

The reception featured food and drinks crafted by the artists, inspired by the show's theme of preservation and nostalgia. The menus included reimagined family recipes, such as a three-tier birthday cake and colorful potstickers. Additionally, we utilized food preservation methods like dehydration and fermentation to create unique offerings such as a dehydrated greens bouquet and kombucha. Through this, we aimed to draw a parallel between our efforts to preserve food and our efforts to preserve family memories.


Sea salt Focaccia

Dried Vegetable chips


Korean pan-fried rice cake with edible flowers, candied vegetables, and honey.

Fried dumplings filled with vegan “pork” and shredded vegetables paired with a chili oil sauce.

Birthday Cake
Tiers of vanilla sponge filled with lavender black tea infused whipped cream and mixed berries.  

Orange Kombucha
Twice-fermented oolong tea flavored with oranges.