At My Place opening reception

04.19.24 The Frame Gallery
with Graana Kahn, Esme Williams, and Ricky Chen

At My Place is an exhibition that captures our experiences at Carnegie Mellon University and Piitsburgh within the context of out home located at 410 N Craig St. We wanted to use a variety of media from film and texiles to miniatures and food to demonstrate how we have captured these fleeting moments as foundational in out transition into young adults. By providing an intimate look into out home and how it has facilitated a variety of memories, we hope to communicate the ways in which a space can hope to communicate the ways in which a space can become one’s familiarity and safety in moments of firsts. 

Many of the experiences we have created in our home have had a creative element involved such as dinners with specific themes and curated food art, music and DJing, and themed celebrations of holidays, events, and life milestones. Between drunk and sover chatterm our house has facilitated the grime and glamour of our youth spent together in this city in Pennsylvania. 

When we moved into a converted automobile facotry in 2022, we knew that it was a space that called for more than a simple dwelling; it craved interaction and intervention. For the past two years, we have filled this space with friends, music, food, noise, a dog, and cheap second hand furniture. As we become ready to pary ways, both with out space and with each other, we are looking to honor the home that has cradled and defined our terrible (twenty) twos.

With nostalgia at the core of this project, we view this as a way of critially reflecting on how our experiences at CMU have changed us as individuals, ans where we have created a family away from home.